Leftovers from the latest storm

I am currently working on getting on top of my summer trip to Italy. I have so much to share with you but just need to sort out my thoughts.

Among all this I also want to refresh my site to a new fresh layout. And I find that almost just as hard. This is why I haven´t been so active lately. 

It is a good thing then that I have the beach so close to my home. Packed up Mr. Grumphy, the dog and my niece for a refreshing beach walk. Met the aftermath of the storm Lena that flew over us saturday night.

Bore Beach

Playing in the massive waves

Bore Beach

waves crashing at the molo, with Feistein in the background.

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July went by so fast! Before we know it fall will be upon us, to hard to belive.

Sharing some of july’s best insta photos. Including both a trip to Italy and to Spain. And some amazing sunsets back in Norway.

Happy mondays and August.

Liebster Award


Overwhelmed and thankful I take in that I just received my 2. nomination for Liebster Award. Wow – thank you guys nobackpaker and  just a piece of afrika. I haven’t gotten around to answer the questions first asked so here it goes – i´ll combine them both.

1.What is your favourite board game? I am crap at games. I play them so little that I forget the rules from time to time. And have to learn it all from the beginning.
2. What is the most likely place where people would found you on a Friday night? At home with my boo, eating good food and drinking some good wine.
3. Do you like 80′s pop music? Love the 80´s – lots of good memories to many of these songs. And also childhood memories.
4. Where would you like to travel? I want to travel the world – I am a restless soul – a true Saggitarius!
5. What is the last book you read? I am reading game of thrones (I am currently at A feast for Crows)
6. Who do you admire? oi, that one is difficult – not sure.
7. Do you prefer cats or dogs?  It use to be cat´s but then my family got dogs so now I am thorn.
8. What type is the house you live in? I own my own semidetached house
9. How do you see the world?  As a big adventure
10. Are you able to use a hammer? Why YES, every girl should. And as a daughter of a carpenter there was no choice – if you want things done, do it yourselves.
11. What is your favorite joke? to many funny ones, but no one comes to mind

Next round:

1. What do you do, besides writing your travel blog? I work full-time in as a manager at Nille Kvadrat – a retail chain based in Norway, that deals with small interior for your house.

2. What is your favorite place/country and why? I am a Italianfile (is there such a name). Love Italy specifically Tuscany. I just feel at home here. Love the atmosphere, the scenery and the people – the true dolce vita.

3. Are there places you would never go back to, why? Can´t say there is any that comes to mind. I am pretty  open minded and thing that there should always be the benefit of doubt. Once a bad time don’t mean it has to be so the second time around

4. Are you an adventurous eater, what is the strangest things you have eaten? I must say no to this. I am very picky when it comes to new thing to eat. Although I have gotten way better as the years go by –

5. Do you collect anything when you are traveling? Memories

6. What is the most luxurious hotel you have ever stayed at? Elounda bay Palace, several times – but have to say the Agafay Camp (glamping) was pretty awesome as well – lux at a different level.

7. Tell me about a journey that you remember better than others! Nothing comes to mind..

8. If I was going to your city, what would you recommend me to see, do, where to stay etc?  hehe, my city is a tiny one on the outskirt of Stavanger. So I would totally recommend Staying at a good hotel there. But you would have to come back to Klepp to visit our beautiful beaches – best in the world, no doubt. And I have seen some beaches.

9. Do you miss anything when you are traveling, what? No not really. When I travel I travel and leave home at home. Absorbing new places, sounds and smells to make new memories.

10. What is your next destination(s)? I am currently back in Crete for a couple of days. But next one will be Italy and Tuscany for 2 weeks. Yaaay.


I will not nominate any others as I am not sure who to nominate. Most fellow bloggers I know have now been nominated – and I don´t wanna be a pain in the ** to do so again. It is difficult to find out anything about this award online – but I am thankful for the nomination and now you also know me a little better. Happy blogging