Introducing Travellingmunk


Travellingmunk in person

So who am Travellingmunk?

Well this is me. Annette, a 30 something girl who loves to travel and see the world. I live in Norway, close to Stavanger with my boyfriend and work as a shop manager.

Soon to be a year ago I started to blog after thinking about it for years out of curiosity. I love to travel and to write about it. Why go public you may ask, and not stick to scrapbooking?. Well in the future I want to be able to live out of blogging and traveling. The blog is a great way to make contacts and it has already landed me a great trip to Morocco with new acquaintance. Where my future will take me remains to be seen but I will write about my travel experiences short and long, post pictures and talk about food. I want to be a Travelista.

I am very new to this blogosphere so please bear with me – I hope to be even better at it in the future. It is a learning experience. I will always try go get better so feedback is alway welcome.


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