Liebster Award


Overwhelmed and thankful I take in that I just received my 2. nomination for Liebster Award. Wow – thank you guys nobackpaker and  just a piece of afrika. I haven’t gotten around to answer the questions first asked so here it goes – i´ll combine them both.

1.What is your favourite board game? I am crap at games. I play them so little that I forget the rules from time to time. And have to learn it all from the beginning.
2. What is the most likely place where people would found you on a Friday night? At home with my boo, eating good food and drinking some good wine.
3. Do you like 80′s pop music? Love the 80´s – lots of good memories to many of these songs. And also childhood memories.
4. Where would you like to travel? I want to travel the world – I am a restless soul – a true Saggitarius!
5. What is the last book you read? I am reading game of thrones (I am currently at A feast for Crows)
6. Who do you admire? oi, that one is difficult – not sure.
7. Do you prefer cats or dogs?  It use to be cat´s but then my family got dogs so now I am thorn.
8. What type is the house you live in? I own my own semidetached house
9. How do you see the world?  As a big adventure
10. Are you able to use a hammer? Why YES, every girl should. And as a daughter of a carpenter there was no choice – if you want things done, do it yourselves.
11. What is your favorite joke? to many funny ones, but no one comes to mind

Next round:

1. What do you do, besides writing your travel blog? I work full-time in as a manager at Nille Kvadrat – a retail chain based in Norway, that deals with small interior for your house.

2. What is your favorite place/country and why? I am a Italianfile (is there such a name). Love Italy specifically Tuscany. I just feel at home here. Love the atmosphere, the scenery and the people – the true dolce vita.

3. Are there places you would never go back to, why? Can´t say there is any that comes to mind. I am pretty  open minded and thing that there should always be the benefit of doubt. Once a bad time don’t mean it has to be so the second time around

4. Are you an adventurous eater, what is the strangest things you have eaten? I must say no to this. I am very picky when it comes to new thing to eat. Although I have gotten way better as the years go by –

5. Do you collect anything when you are traveling? Memories

6. What is the most luxurious hotel you have ever stayed at? Elounda bay Palace, several times – but have to say the Agafay Camp (glamping) was pretty awesome as well – lux at a different level.

7. Tell me about a journey that you remember better than others! Nothing comes to mind..

8. If I was going to your city, what would you recommend me to see, do, where to stay etc?  hehe, my city is a tiny one on the outskirt of Stavanger. So I would totally recommend Staying at a good hotel there. But you would have to come back to Klepp to visit our beautiful beaches – best in the world, no doubt. And I have seen some beaches.

9. Do you miss anything when you are traveling, what? No not really. When I travel I travel and leave home at home. Absorbing new places, sounds and smells to make new memories.

10. What is your next destination(s)? I am currently back in Crete for a couple of days. But next one will be Italy and Tuscany for 2 weeks. Yaaay.


I will not nominate any others as I am not sure who to nominate. Most fellow bloggers I know have now been nominated – and I don´t wanna be a pain in the ** to do so again. It is difficult to find out anything about this award online – but I am thankful for the nomination and now you also know me a little better. Happy blogging

Introducing Travellingmunk


Travellingmunk in person

So who am Travellingmunk?

Well this is me. Annette, a 30 something girl who loves to travel and see the world. I live in Norway, close to Stavanger with my boyfriend and work as a shop manager.

Soon to be a year ago I started to blog after thinking about it for years out of curiosity. I love to travel and to write about it. Why go public you may ask, and not stick to scrapbooking?. Well in the future I want to be able to live out of blogging and traveling. The blog is a great way to make contacts and it has already landed me a great trip to Morocco with new acquaintance. Where my future will take me remains to be seen but I will write about my travel experiences short and long, post pictures and talk about food. I want to be a Travelista.

I am very new to this blogosphere so please bear with me – I hope to be even better at it in the future. It is a learning experience. I will always try go get better so feedback is alway welcome.