Palio – Siena

Today is the first of two palios held in Siena, Italy. A palio is horse race held twice a year. July 2nd and August 16th. 10 horses with their riders riding them bareback in their local colors. 10 of 17 “districts” are represented at ill palio in a race tree times around the piazza del campo. This normally do not last more than 90 sec.

Here seen with all their flags. Different flag for different part of the city




Before the race there is a spectaculare pageant, the corteo storico which I got to experience. Which includes flag wavers and drummers in medevial costumes. They parade through the streets with the horse and following the crowds from each districs singing loud songs. Much like at a soccer game.



Here are the houses of tortuga and panthera. You can really feel the dedicatons from each district. A serious matter.

20140702-154930-56970502.jpg<br /

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