Backyard traveling

You really needn’t go long to explore your “own backyard”. For me a quick trip to the beach 10 minutes away is a new discovery every time.

But since we had the day of monday and I was babysitting in urgent need of an activity. A short day trip to Stavanger felt good and have been on my want to do list for a while now. We have had such a pretty weekend here and there is nothing prettier than old town Stavanger bathing in sunshine.


Old town Stavanger and Breia water

Old town Stavanger and Breia water

Old town Stavanger and the harbor

Old town Stavanger and the harbor

The old Town of Stavanger is located west of the harbor containing 173 wooden white painted houses. Mostly erected in the 17-and 1800th. To me this is the most beautiful part of Stavanger and I love to stroll down the narrow brick laid roads. This area contains a few galleries and even has it´s own small bicycle store, selling different cool stuff for your city bike. This part of Stavanger is one of the city´s biggest tourist attraction. And in cruise season you will find the streets buzzing with tourist. Best to take it all in when not so crowded.

This area was firstly intended for the fishermen and dockworkers but now it is quite expensive to live in one of these little houses. And yes this is a habitable neighborhood and not a museum. These days it is a well kept area with charming rose bushes and little gardens. If you ever visit Stavanger be sure to visit this beautiful part of town.

Old stavanger

old stavanger

øvre strandgate

øvre strandgate

Next week I´ll take a new visit and hope for just as good weather (weather in Norway can be a little unpredictable) as Champagne lunch and shopping with the girls are one the agenda.


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4 thoughts on “Backyard traveling

    • Cool, What´s great about Norway is that you can get everything jammed into a reasonably “short” trip. Fjords, mountains, ocean and great beaches. You should absolutely put it on your bucket list 🙂 Happy travels

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