Passport to Paris

Eiffel Tower

Returning back home to Norway after my resent travel to Paris and I sit here thinking back on this experience.

Paris is, at least for me, an overwhelming city. It´s big and I mean B.I.G. The distances between the many sightseeings is large and you often need to use the metro, bus or taxi to get from one place to another. And I have visited many cities – and find them easier to navigate due to the distance.

I would in most cases recommend the metro system – it is fast and frequent – but if you travel with a specific grumpy half – this is not the way to go. As experienced. My boyfriend got both stressed and grumpy from this experience – the metro way.

Paris metro

Taking the metro in the weekend can be a fun experience – I got to experience a train concert on saturday morning.

We got to experience Paris for full 4 days, friday trough monday. The weekend time is by far the most crowded days. We did try to get around the city as much as possible experiencing the different neighborhoods and of course see the mandatory top sights.

Champs-Élysées at a Saturday is cramped but well worth a try. You find all the haute coutures fashion houses in this neighborhood.


Paris´s top sights

Will I visit Paris any time soon – not likely. I find other metropolitans more charming.

But I do wanna come back some day and explore more. It is a beautiful city without doubt and a big metropolitan. And all in all I had a good time here. I just need to soak it all up.

I think Paris is a city that grows on to you with every visit. And you probably need to find your favorite neighborhood. I found mine to be the latin quarter with its small winding streets.

And so I leave Paris to sink in with these last pictures and hope that I can stroll here some time in the future.

Sorbonne Univeristy, paris

Sorbonne Univeristy, paris

latin quarter by night

latin quarter by night

The Louvre

The Louvre

The Eiffel Tower and its signature spire

The Eiffel Tower and its signature spire



cursing the seine at night time

cursing the seine at night time

The sparkling show at night - don´t miss it.

The sparkling show at night – don´t miss it.

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