Interior trends


Can´t seem to shake that Morocco feeling any time soon. Apparently neither can the big interior makers of Norway either. I can tell that many of this springs trends is coming from Morocco. And to tell you the truth I would have no trouble filling up an entire container with goods.

Sat down this sunday to enjoy and relax with a prescribed magazine and lo and behold – there was that perfect moroccan tea table as one of the big inspirations this spring, and yet again I regret not doing any real shopping while visiting Morocco and Marrakech. Look at all these goodies you can find just inside the souk:



Check out these great lamps I found being sold inside the souk. My longing for such a lamp has gotten no less. I remember visiting here 15 years ago and even back then I wanted one of these lamps. My taste in interior decor have changed slightly since then but not much.


Oh choices – why so difficult

I know for sure that one of those lamps hanging on one of those floor displays would look absolutely great on my patio this summer. Here is the trouble with having just 4 days to travel. It is limited time and also limited with space in suitcase – so how to bring home all these nice goodies. After taken the tour of the souk you can pretty much decorate your entire home. Big lamps or smaller ones, leather in all sizes and varieties such as a nice stool or a lovely weekend bag. Don’t forget all the beautiful textiles and the carpets. And why not bring home some colorful tiles?


You will find many interior designers travelling to Marrakech and Morocco for tips and ideas, even big shopping sprees. Got pinterest? check out this board with moroccan interior/decor here.

If you are interested in checking out the local interior shops in Stavanger, Ann-Mari from the blog: have a great post with updated shops here.

Morrocan Interior fits any home or any decor. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Interior trends

  1. Flotte bilder! Jeg er fullstendig forelsket i den marokkanske interiørstilen. Må vinne en betydelig sum i lotto og dra tilbake til Marrakech temmelig raskt..

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